LIC Best Policy

LIC Best Policy
LIC Jeevan Anand policy is a hybrid insurance and investment plan. This policy has one of the highest return rates of all insurance policies and the policyholder gets a lump sum amount upon maturity. For an idea of the maturity amount of your policy, you can use LIC Jeevan Anand maturity calculator. The policyholder’s future security is assured. If your child is not at home when you die, your children will still have a policy that will pay out the money.

The New Money Back Plan of LIC is a participating policy. You can choose a sum assured between Rs 1 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh over a period of 20 years. You will receive a cash lump sum if you survive, which is important when it comes to a policy’s return. The New Money Back Plan is also designed to keep up with the needs of your growing children, as it will provide them with a lump sum should anything happen to you.

The New Money Back Plan of LIC offers monetary security throughout the policy term and also has loyalty add-ons. In addition, you will receive death benefits if you die before the policy matures. The death benefit will be equal to the premiums paid by the policyholder and shall not fall below ten percent of the sum assured. If you are not in a position to pay the death benefit, the remaining 40% of the sum assured will be invested to meet the needs of your family.


The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is one of the leading insurance companies in the country. It has a diverse portfolio of life insurance plans for every need. From the traditional term life insurance policy to the investment-oriented ULIP, LIC has a plan for everyone. LIC offers several insurance plans for both young and old, including annuities that are investment-oriented and will pay survivorship benefits in the event of your death.

The LIC Bhagyalakshmi policy is another popular choice for people who wish to earn profits while living without worry. They can obtain this policy at any age and can choose between 16 and 25-year terms. The minimum sum assured is two lakhs with no maximum limit. LIC offers loan facilities after the first year of premium payment. The policy also comes with a 15-day free-look period. If you aren’t satisfied with the terms and conditions of your new policy, you can always opt for another one.

The death benefit is comprised of the sum assured at maturity, any additional premiums paid, and any simple reversionary bonus. This policy also participates in LIC profits. Its popularity is based on the convenience of online transactions. It also includes an option for self-assessment and other benefits. You can choose the best LIC policy for your needs by reviewing all the benefits and features of each plan. If you are interested in an LIC policy, don’t hesitate to contact the LIC.

LIC Best Policy

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