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How to Apply For LIC Merchant

If you are looking for an lic merchant, then you have come to the right place. They are a vital link between LIC policy buyers and the LIC itself. They not only collect premiums, but they also help consumers to lodge complaints and access the LIC system. Here are the steps that you need to take to apply for LIC merchant ship. Let us begin.

Click the below button If the LIC Financial Advisor want to log in to the


lic merchant

LIC merchants are a link between LIC policy buyers and LIC
LIC merchants are agents who are affiliated with the LIC and sell their policies to policy buyers. Once a policy buyer makes a purchase through an LIC merchant, they can access the system of the LIC and pay cash invoices. The LIC merchant portal has a payment option for online payments and the system will prompt the user to enter their account details. Once they have completed the process, the system will redirect them to the PG ID portal where they can print their payment acknowledgement. In some cases, LIC merchants can generate premium receipts by themselves.

LIC merchants work for LIC, a public company that is ranked fifth in the world by life insurance gross written premium. The company has offices in twenty-four states across India and overseas, including Fiji, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. LIC has over 2048 branches and 1,554 satellite offices and operates in more than 120 countries. In FY21, it held a 66 per cent share in the new business premium market. Although LIC’s profitability and revenue growth are lower than those of private players, it enjoys a distribution advantage. Increasing sales mix will help negate the lower-than-industry growth rates.

Lic Merchant

How to Login to the Lic Portal?

This new LIC Merchant portal helped in building a strong relationship with the customer. With the help of this lic merchant portal, all the work will be done online. Merchant has to login to use the portal. It is the portal that collects the premium. It is necessary to have a specific username, password and login information for the LIC official. Merchants can check for updates after login to the merchant portal. They can also check customer details online without calling or visiting the offices. All the details about the company, customers and merchants will be made available on the portal.

First open the Google Chrome if you use any other Browsers Please Continue with that.
Now open the LIC official website the name is Last year 2022 LIC did so many dynamic changes on site. So I will tell you step by step how it works now.

Lic Merchant Login & Registration Process

LIC merchant login Registration Process for customers, agent, and merchant portal It is easy to find Life insurance Corporation of India merchant Login information for the various type of users like merchants, agents, development officers and customers as well as new and regular users. Step by step procedure…

1. Register Login at LIC India Portal.

2. Select Merchant Login, Agent Login, or Customer Login.

3. Pay the Premium at LIC Payment portal.

4. Calculate premium based on the plan and your Monthly or Annual Income.

5. Check policy status either matured or not.

LIC Login & Registration Process ( Part 1 )

1. Open the LIC official website link at Lic

2. Click on “new customer” in the picture below.

3. For new customers, you need to provide details including Policy number, Premium amount, DOB as well as email ID.

Merchant Login & Registration Process Part 2

1. After completion, click on proceed option, that goes to a fresh page.

2. In the new page, make a user ID as well as the password of your choice.

3. Username can be alpha, numeric, and underscore. The password is at least of 7 to 8 characters long as well as unique

4. Log in as a registered user. To login enter username as well as password details.

5. After entering the login details click on GO button for the new page and tap on “view enrolled policies”.

6. Tap on the text shown in the picture and click on the submit button.

7. You will directly go to a page containing your policy number.

8. You will obtain all the details about LIC policy status, premium due date as well as loan interest rate.

How to Login to Lic India? There are two types of logins for users and Agents

1. Choose user Account if you are a Policyholder, if you are an Agent then click on LIC agent login portal.

2. Enter your user id (Policy number) and password

3. You can check LIC policy status, Register / Enroll New Policy, Pay premium Amount online by Net Banking.

Note:Already registered customers on lic portal could visit this URL Following details are required.

1. Policy Number,

2. Premium Amount,

3. Date of Birth,

4. Email Address and Phone Number.

After entering above details, a simple human verification code will come. If you want to see Policy status: Log in to check policy status as matured, lapsed, or pending for renewal.

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Why is the LIC Merchant Agent Career the best?

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) agent is a job where one is like being one’s own boss. A LIC agent who makes a difference in the lives of others by giving a great LIC is very rewarding and satisfying. After the Covid-19 Pandemic, everyone has come to know the importance of ensuring your loved ones and family and hence a LIC agent can expect better career growth in such an informed scenario about the insurance market. Could

Speaking on the benefits of being a LIC agent; Jitendra Solanki, SEBI registered tax and investment expert said, “In the post-Covid-19 scenario, people have realized that being insured is more important than being invested. There may be better opportunities. Also they are helping the earning individuals to prepare themselves for such unforeseen situations.”

Merchant Portal

LIC has eight regional offices, 13 circle offices, 2,048 branch offices, 1,275 satellite offices across the country. Its real strength lies in its 1.16 lakh employees and more than 12 lakh agents. If you are a LIC agent, you have the flexibility to work flexible hours and run your own agency. If you want to be successful in life, then join Life Insurance Corporation of India to lead a better-quality life.

    Benefits of becoming LIC agent :

  • Rewarding Career
  • A Successful Team
  • Attractive Remuneration
  • Independence
  • World-Class Training
  • Commitment To Career Agency System
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Full Range Of Products And Services
  • Sales And Marketing Support
  • Financial Strength
Why should you choose LIC’s Life Insurance Plans?

it’s important to every customer to know the risks and costs involved before making any decisions. This article will provide an overview of LIC policies, including their pros and cons. So, if you’re thinking about investing in a LIC Policy, be sure to read on.

For many people, life insurance policies can be a wise financial choice. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) policies provide comprehensive coverage for you and your family members in case of an unfortunate event such as death or disability.

LIC you are essentially setting aside funds to help provide economic stability and security for yourself and your dependents should something happen to you. Also, LIC policies provide guaranteed profits by way of bonuses paid out at certain points during the duration of the policy.

Life insurance corporation is India’s no 1 insurance company. They have so many opportunities for the best career option that is LIC agent but now it’s not agents they called Financial Advisors.

    Exclusive Benefits of LIC merchant club Membership

  • Office Allowance
  • Sales Promotional gift items
  • Envelops and visiting cards
  • Telephone facility
  • Invitation for Annual Convention
  • Traveling Expenses to Agent
  • Group Insurance Scheme
  • group Mediclaim to Club Member Agent
  • Housing Loan Scheme
  • Merchant Club Membership Levels
    • There are 7 levels of club membership

    • Distinguished Agent Club
    • Branch Manager Club
    • Divisional Manager Club
    • Zonal Manager Club
    • Chairman’s Club
    • Galaxy Club
    • Corporate Club
    How are Merchants portal eligible to get Club Membership?

    Criteria for Qualifying for Club Membership

    CLUB MAMBERSHIP Criteria Criteria to the filled for no. of Year Continuously
    Net No. of Lavel

    First Year Commission for FY 2020 – 2021

    Distinguished Agent Club

    40 50,000 One Year

    Branch Manager Club

    50 78,000 Three Year

    Divisional Manager Club

    80 1,32,000 Three Year

    Zonal Manager Club

    100 3,08,000 Three Year

    Chairman’s Club

    130 4,42,000 Three Year

    Galaxy Club

    NA 8,00,000 Two Year

    Corporate Club

    NA 18,00,000 Two Year

    The criteria will have to be fulfilled in the qualifying year and in any two out of three financial years preceding the qualifying year for both entry and continuation.

    Training : All the club members are required to undergo training once in a period of 4 years.

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    LIC Online Payment Through Credit and Debit Card

    The option of easy payment with the help of net has proved very helpful to the customers who can make the payment during any time of the day. They need not go to the merchant office and make the necessary payments.

    lic of india login online payment Netbanking

    Final Words
    Your research on LIC Merchant is now over and we hope you are satisfied with this information. We believe that you get all the information related to the merchant portal such as how to log in, how to change the password etc.

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